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Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in our ongoing meetings and events. This includes people who live, work, or belong to a group in Unley. And people from outside of Unley who are seeking to learn about, and promote the Statement from the Heart in their local region.

However, in seeking to become a not-for-profit incorporated organisation we are also required to have financial members who can vote to make formal decisions when required. Members defined in our formal constitution are persons who have agreed to accept our aims and objects. There is an annual fee of $10 (due by 30 June each year) which is a small way of ensuring that we have some cash for ongoing expenses. Please contact the Treasurer to join:

What We Do

Presentations to community groups, businesses & schools

Hold public events which inform and advocate for the Voice

Research First Nations footprint in Unley Local Government Area – Kaurna interest group

Provide updates from Uluru Statement from the Heart

Our aims and objectives:

1. To promote the understanding and acceptance of the Uluru Statement from the Heart within the City of Unley

2. To bring together a group of people who heed the invitation to walk together with the First Nations people to promote the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

3. To advocate for a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the constitution and a Makarrata Commission to supervise agreement making (treaty) and truth-telling about the nation’s history.

4. To educate the community as to the content and intention of the Uluru Statement.

5. To advance the cause of reconciliation locally and in the wider community in cooperation with Reconciliation SA.

6. To promote a united Australia which respects this land, values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage and provides justice and equity for all.