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Past Events

Colin Clarke Art Exhibition: Telling Truth

The Unley Uluru Statement from the Heart Support Group proudly hosted an Art Exhibition of Colin Clarke from Sunday 13 August to Sunday 20 August at the Unley Uniting Church.

Colin describes his work, Telling Truth:

“I started painting in the early 2000s to express the natural wonders, stories, events, and social justice issues that I experienced while travelling Australia. The social justice issues “focused to become the injustices that we the colonisers created in this land.” This journey of awakening has led me to acknowledge the injustices as being true, and to own them as being part of my country’s cultural history. In so doing it allowed my journey to start toward the healing of relationships with the First Nations People, and with the land, fauna, and flora I now call home.”

Below is a video of Colin describing one of his pieces of art: Our Massacres at an exhibition in Western Australia in 2018.

Gerhard Ruediger talks with Elijah Bravington

History Festival: The Wonder of the ongoing Presence of First Nations Peoples

21 May 2023. Celebrating the recovery of the living language of the Kaurna First Nations, discovering Kaurna culture, and learning about the historic request for First nations people to have a voice enshrined in the constitution. Guest Speakers included:

Gerhard Ruediger, worked with a team at University of Adelaide (2012-2015) to recover the Kaurna language.

Elijah Bravington: Arabana man, signatory of the Statement, filmmaker, environmental manager and community development.

Kelli Owen (2nd from left), Elijah Bravington, Teela Reid, Sally Scales, and Dale Agius, with supportive elders and public.

History is Calling

17 March 2023. More than 400 people attended this vibrant event to learn more about the Uluru Statement from the Heart, what is the Voice and why we need a referendum.

Welcome to Country: Kelli Owen, a Kaurna, Narungga and Ngarrindjeri woman, and Coordinator of the National Indigenous Kidney Transplantation Task force

Special Guest: Teela Reid, a Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman, Harvard graduate, and First Nations Lawyer

Other speakers: Dale Agius, Sally Scales and Elijah Bravington

Launch, 21 April 2021

The Unley Uluru Statement From the Heart Support Group was launched on the 11th of April 2021 with 75 persons in attendance.

Community Presentations

The Unley Support Group has developed material for community groups that can be delivered upon request. The session generates lots of lively discussions with people who want to discover more about the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the upcoming Referendum on a Voice to Parliament.

Contact us to book a session.

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