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Faith leaders’ open letter

Picture: Leaders of Australia’s major religious and ethno-religious organisations after signing the Joint Resolution of support for the Statement from the Heart, 27 May 2022.

Joint Open Letter to Federal Parliamentarians on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice referendum

Released:  8:00 am, Wednesday 22 February 2023

Leader’s of Australia’s major religious and ethno-religious organisations have called upon all Federal parliamentarians to support a First Nations’ voice to parliament, called for through the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Commenting on the joint letter, Indigenous film-maker Rachel Perkins, who launched the joint resolution last year, said “This is an alliance of great spiritual power, speaking persuasively to political power, and asking politicians to co-operate across political divides to achieve Indigenous recognition, for the good of my people and the country as a whole.”

    The letter was signed by heads of the following religious and ethno-religious organisations:

    • Anglican Church in Australia
    • Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
    • Australian National Imams Council
    • Australian Sangha Association
    • Executive Council of Australian Jewry
    • Hindu Council of Australia
    • National Council of Churches in Australia
    • National Sikh Council of Australia
    • The Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
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